Into The Darkness: Cthulhu - Horror on the Orient Express

Investigator introduction
Who we are...

As I mentioned in my first post, my name is Frank Coates.

I thought before I continue, I would introduce my fellow investigators that I have come to know and become friends with over the years in the Arcane Society.

First off, the ever ebullient, Dr. Giles Winston Xavier III. Dr. Giles always brings the energy and enthusiasm to our adventures. Clearly a man who has come from a well established background and has worked hard to achieve his high standing in the medical profession. He is often accompanied by his manservant “Alonzo”. (Player: Richard).

Next we have Everett Nichols, who is an established archeologist. He has specialized in the study of the Ancient Mesopotamia area. Everett is more thoughtful and contemplative which can be very useful when investigations sometimes get thrown off track. (Player: Riley)

Then we have Dr. Theodore Dawkins. Dr. Dawkins is a biochemist, and his skills with science is a tremendous help when it comes to investigating claims to the paranormal. Often times he can provide the scientific background that has cleared up some false claims. (Player: Wayne).

And last but not least, we have Eldridge Yegorovich Volkov. Eldridge has worked hard to be in the position he is at right now in life. He has a background in writing, journalism and is currently an editor. Eldridge is our go to man when it comes to making sure our investigations are complete and thorough, and will hold up to public scrutiny. (Player: Thomas).

The following tales will involve these gentleman as we travel the world in search of knowledge and understanding. It is my honor to be a part of their group.

First post

Please allow me to introduce myself…
My name is Frank Coates.

I was born September 17th, in 1891.
(32 years old now in 1923).

I’m happily married to my wife, Elizabeth.

I am a professional photographer, who has managed to make a decent living taking all sorts of photography jobs, not to mention a small following of collectors who are kind enough to purchase my artistic photography. I have done all sorts of photography jobs (commercial, fashion, studio portraits, weddings, etc…). My wife and I share a modest studio in downtown Arkham, MA. She is a fine artist who has had several showings in the local art gallery.

Because of my love of cameras and my in depth knowledge of photography, this makes me a prime candidate to be a member in the Arkham, MA, Society of Arcane Investigators. I’m able to analyze many supposed photographs of the “occult” (ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, hauntings, etc…) and usually can spot a fake from a mile away.

Because photography is still in it’s infancy, but spreading to the masses like wildfire, this field is ripe for charlatans and frauds. Due to my personal interest in the occult, it is my goal to search out and find these fakes, but deep down, I’m excited because there may just in fact, be that one in a million photograph out there that will capture “the other side.” It’s my hope that by placing myself in these investigations, there perhaps I might be able to capture that perfect photo that will hold up under likewise scrutiny as being a real paranormal photograph.

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